Top Tips for Veganism

This photo captured one of the most magical moments of my life. If you’ve ever seen the movie Stand By Me, you’ll remember the scene where Gordie sees a deer in the woods. For anyone who has forgotten or maybe hasn’t seen the movie (stop everything you’re doing and go watch it right now!) Here’sContinue reading “Top Tips for Veganism”

Hodge Podge Noodle Pot

Hellooooo fall! While I am a summer girl until the end, I have to admit I love fall for all things warm and cozy. Big sweaters, fuzzy socks, and delish soups and stews. I like to keep things quick, simple and chunky when it comes to stews. You can catch me making my fave noodleContinue reading “Hodge Podge Noodle Pot”

Happily, thrifty, after

I LOVE getting dressed up. I spend most of my days in leggings and sports bras, so I relish an opportunity to put on something fancier and do my makeup. However, I am most definitely deep into the phase of my life where fancy events come up quicker than I can find an outfit toContinue reading “Happily, thrifty, after”

Jungle Smoothie 🦁

I’ve been making smoothies for about 13 years, and my blueprint for making them has changed ALOT in that time. Generally speaking I make smoothies for breakfast, and back in the day they were basically glorified desserts! I learned through the years exactly what we want our smoothies to contain, and I am so excitedContinue reading “Jungle Smoothie 🦁”

27 things for 27

I have total faith that there is a plan, and the more I can relax and be patient, the quicker that plan will work Play time, time to be creative and silly Finance is a numbers game, it doesn’t have to be emotional Family time! Make more of an effort to reach out to familyContinue reading “27 things for 27”