Calming Regina

photographer; @evajoellephoto I’m going to be honest, I really didn’t want to write this post. I reorganized my computer folders, I checked insta 1000 times, I made a tea. And here I am, looking at my screen, thinking about something I feel a little ashamed to admit- I get jealous. I am so so luckyContinue reading “Calming Regina”

Lessons from a House Plant

I LOVE plants. I grew up pretty much always having a backyard, and with that different kinds of gardens. My mum was always tending to vegetable patches, growing flowers, sprouting herbs and sharing home grown tomatoes. It very much came as a surprise to me, when I seemed to show ZERO ability to take careContinue reading “Lessons from a House Plant”

Manifest 2020

HAPPY NEW YEARS DAY MY FRIENDS! If you celebrate New Years for January 1st- welcome to the first day of the next decade. As we get inundated with messages about new years sales, improving ourselves, and goal setting I offer you the chance to get really really clear on what you want this next week,Continue reading “Manifest 2020”

2019, Year in Review

2019 was a BIG year, and I feel like 2020 is revving up to be even bigger. As we constantly have our eyes on the magic and goal setting of the future, I think it important to take stock of lessons learned and goals accomplished so far. Here are my highs and lows of 2019,Continue reading “2019, Year in Review”

Heart Revol(a)ution

My heart has been absolutely bursting the past couple of weeks, all from the seed of an idea I had earlier this year. January 2019 I knew I wanted to start a podcast. I had the blueprint of an idea, but couldn’t quite nail down how I wanted to go about it. Would I doContinue reading “Heart Revol(a)ution”

Apologize, Forgive, Gratitude, Love

Part one. When I was first introduced to the Hawaiian prayer Ho’oponopono, I struggled to even say it, never mind practise it. It’s a four part system designed to offer forgiveness and release from memories/energy that is not serving you; ‘I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you’ At the time of ourContinue reading “Apologize, Forgive, Gratitude, Love”

The Subtle Art of Slow

source I have always struggled with the idea of slowing down. I run at a very high energy most days, which often tiptoes on the border of anxiety. My teaching job requires I show up to class with a certain amount of attentiveness to encourage others and hold space. My doTERRA business gets me superContinue reading “The Subtle Art of Slow”

The *witchy* truth

It has been joked in my friends circle for years that I’m ‘witchy’. I’m always concocting creations, I deeply believe in plant and plant medicine. I have had weird ‘abilities’ since childhood, I even used to get visions. I’ve had a very funny relationship with this side of myself, BECAUSE it has always been broughtContinue reading “The *witchy* truth”

Machu Picchu and the Oils

My mum is constantly inspiring me. She moved to Canada alone at 18 to experience a new life. She went back to school in her 30s once my sister and I were both in full-time school. She can throw a killer party, and she has always been supportive of mine and my sisters choices, notContinue reading “Machu Picchu and the Oils”

The time I ran a half marathon

I CANNOT believe I get to write the sentence “I ran a half marathon” Never in my entire life did I think that was something I would ever think of doing, train to do, and then actually complete. I have never been a fan of cardio. In all my years of professional dance training, IContinue reading “The time I ran a half marathon”