Free the Flow ❤️


Dear 10 year old Dom,

I am so sorry you’re feeling scared. Yes, that is your period. But it is only coming around for one cycle and then it will be gone again for a couple years. I am so sorry it decided to surprise you the day you’re going to an indoor play park. And I’m sorry you feel too ashamed to say anything. You’re still going to have a fun day, and nobody is going to say anything, even when you bleed through your underwear. Your mum is so ready to swallow you in love and protection. She will let you know that this is normal, and everyone you know will be going through this. You will create a safe password so that if you need to call her in public you don’t have to say ‘period’.

You are still so so young, keep enjoy being playful,

D xo

Dear 13 year old Dom,

Okay, it’s back, you’ve been here before. Initially you were confused as to why mum made sure all the girls were educated on periods before we went away on this school trip, but now you get it. I know this has happened AGAIN in a place you weren’t ready for. Not only has being at camp in Algonquin been trickyish enough, but now you have this to worry about for the bus ride home. You could ask someone, you have really good girlfriends that would totally understand! At least you are on your way home now, in fact there’s probably a pad in the pits of your bag if you really go dig.

I know you’ll feel really uncomfortable with the design and use of a tampon. In fact, I totally agree it would be so much easier to just avoid going to dance for the week you’re bleeding. Honestly, who designed leotards to be so high cut? Probably not a woman.

Please know I’m here for you through all the worry; those first few cycles where you can’t get the tampon thing quite right and bleed all over the inside of your tights. I know you’re afraid to ask your mum for more tights, I know they’re expensive. You are so brave for continuing to wear them, even after 1000 washes didn’t get the stains out.

I feel the anger you had the day two friends got in trouble. They came in from recess (with a hall pass) to get period supplies, and the teacher yelled at them for being upstairs. That was really unfair. No wonder you all walked around feeling ashamed!

I promise you will start to get the hang of this, and that eventually it won’t feel so terrifying.


D xo

Dear 16 year old Dom,

You forgot to put your tampon in before getting on the bus!!! But don’t worry, your waxing lady is amazing and kind. She’ll tell you a story about a time she did the same thing.


D xo

Dear 20 year old Dom,

You are doing all the right things. You can feel that something isn’t right. I know you feel like you can’t really talk about it to anyone, but talking to doctors is the right thing. They’re going to check you for Endometriosis, but will tell you you’re clear. Although that’s not the culprit keep searching, keep investigating. Explore being kinder to yourself and to your body. It exists to help you, not to punish you.


D xo

Dear 22 year old Dom,

HONESTLY, you are SO right. How on earth does a woman prepare for surgery when she’s on her period? You aren’t allowed to wear underwear, so a pad is out. You also might be out for 10 hours, so you can’t use a tampon. A cup would probably work, but you don’t have one!

How has this not been something discussed before? Why is there no cheat sheet for this? The male nurse definitely looked surprised when you brought this up. GOOD! You keep letting them know that these issues exist.


D xo

Dear 27 year old Dom,

I am so so proud of you. Bleeding was something that used to make you feel sad and shameful. It used to make you feel like you were a victim to your body and hormones. You used to be so hard on yourself, feeling heavy and unattractive, emotional and overwhelmed. You have come so far to explore what your body is actually going through on a menstral cycle.

It is not you going crazy, it is hormonal chemistry. There are times when you feel high, and times when you feel a bit low, but now you are able to observe them for what they are. This is huge! How amazing to know that this is all ‘normal’! THIS is the stuff you wish you had learned in school.

Please don’t be too hard on yourself for feeling like you should have known all of this earlier. Everything happens in time, and you’re taking that time now! Your body appreciates so so much that you’re trying to always come from a place of love. We only get one body, and yours has been through so so much. It is exhausting to spend your energy picking it apart when you could be filling it up with love.

Thank you for taking care of yourself, and for loving yourself through all moments of your cycle (even when its hard).

I love you,

D xo

Jungle Smoothie 🦁

I’ve been making smoothies for about 13 years, and my blueprint for making them has changed ALOT in that time.

Generally speaking I make smoothies for breakfast, and back in the day they were basically glorified desserts! I learned through the years exactly what we want our smoothies to contain, and I am so excited to share my smoothie do’s and don’ts with you ANNNDD if you make it all the way through I have my go to recipe for you at the bottom.

Alright, lets start with some things to consider avoiding..


  • Juice base

This is going to spike your sugar, leaving you wired for an hour, then starving and sleepy

  • Fill with fruit

It is SO tempting to put all your faves in there, but by putting lots of fruit in we’re circling back to a risk of spiked sugar, which is no bueno for long term health

  • Make an intensively ‘green’ smoothie you aren’t ready for

If you know you don’t like spinach, celery, cucumber etc, then don’t jump straight into a smoothie you know you are going to hate! Put at least one thing in that you know you are going to love, and work up to the mega greens

  • Put too much pressure on your smoothie

If there is no protein and no fat in your concoction, there is no way your body is going to stay full for hours. There has to be sustenance in it in order for you to feel sustained

KAY lecture over! We all solemnly swear not to exclusively base our smoothies with fruit juice. Now on to the good stuff..

DO 🙌

  • Neutral base

Milk/mylk, brewed tea, water are all fab options to start you off. I like to stick with nut mylks as they give my smoothies a thicker and creamier texture

  • Fat

I ALWAYS include some kind of fat. Fat is an essential part of our cellular building blocks, as well as important for brain health. We want to make sure the type of fat we’re including is going to serve us well. Personally I go with either 1tspn- 1tbspn MCT oil or ¼ of an avocado

  • Protein

This is the ‘meat’ of your smoothie. This is basically what will make it more of a meal replacement.

  • Fiber

I mean I’m not a nutritionist, but we all need fiber right?!

  • Greens

I LOVE greens. I love seeing the colour green in my smoothie, because it makes me feel like I’m literally feeding myself from the earth. Greens can be all different things, but I particularly like adding spinach, spirulina, chlorella, and cucumber to my mixes

  • Flavour

A little goes a long way to boost the deliciousness of a smoothie. I like to use peppermint, lemon, grapefruit, 1/2 banana, yogurt, handful of fruit, 1tbsp cacao, or a tbsp of hazelnut butter to add a bit of excitement 

If you’re curious to read more about exciting, but super healthy ways to make a smoothie, check out my FAVE Kelly Leveque. Learning from her really changed my smoothie making game.

Okay, HERE WE GO! My Favourite Green Jungle smoothie recipe

Green Jungle Smoothie

Ready in 5 minutes

Serves 1 person


  • 1.5- 2 Cups Milk/Mylk
  • Protein powder
  • ¼ Avocado OR  1tsp-1tbsn MCT Oil
  • Handful of Spinach OR kale
  • 6-8 Slices of cucumber
  • ½ banana
  • ¼-½ cup Coconut yogurt
  • 1 drop doterra peppermint oil
  • 2 drops doterra lemon oil
  • Please note ONLY doterra essential oil are safe for ingesting


  • 1 tbsp Hemp hearts
  • 1 tbsp Chia seeds
  • 1 Scoop Botanica Perfect Greens
  • 1 tsp Ashwagandha powder


  1. In your blender add the milk base first
  2. Add all the powders
  3. Add all the vegetables and fruit
  4. Add lemon/peppermint 
  5. Blend until everything is completely broken down together
  6. ENJOY!


  • The consistency may change from time to time, so play with how much milk/yogurt/banana you like!
  • If you don’t have doterra essential oils, you can absolutely use peppermint leaf and lemon juice!

So that’s it friends! My favourite smoothie recipe, I honestly make this 4/7 days of the week.

Give it a try and let me know what you think!

D xo

PS. I have some extra goodies for you down here ↓

→ Get the printable version of the recipe here!

→ If you’re curious about why you can cook with doterra, and why they are THE leading company when it comes to all things essential oils and sustainability send me an email!

Reculer Pour Mieux Sauter

‘ To draw back in order to make a better jump’

What does being an artist really mean?  Is it having a wild imagination that creates prize winning stories? Or playing in finger paint and creating a masterpiece?  Is it having an affinity for movement, or passion for music? Maybe it comes down to environment, constantly being told to keep exploring, keep investigating, we all have something special to share.

For me, being an artist was never a choice. Dancing was a part of my skin. Of every breath, and of every step that I took. The only future I could see, was one where I got to be my biggest, and most honest self on stage. I was fortunate enough to have natural talent, but it was the drive to achieve perfection that kept me rehearsing late into the night. I loved the constant exploration and attention that was being asked of my mind, body, and soul;

‘Can you melt your entire body into the floor?’

‘Close your eyes and listen to your blood pump. What is it saying to you?’

When I was 21 years old, 2 months before my final year at The School of Toronto Dance Theatre, I fell 20ft onto concrete steps. The railing of a balcony I had been leaning on gave away, and I tumbled to the ground below with it. I have said those two lines a countless number of times, but I still seem to get stuck on what to say next. The first few months out I didn’t really need to say anything else- by looking at me the results of this experience were quite clear. My forehead had completely split open, exposing the bone of my skull, and engulfing my brain in a bubble of constant throbbing. My nose was broken- this was clear from the black rings around my eyes. I had a rope of pain that radiated down the right side of my spine, across the back of my right hip. But what felt the most traumatising of all, were the multiple bones that had shattered in my left foot.

I was continuously being told how lucky I was- no aggressive brain damage, no internal bleeding, my spine was perfectly intact. I absolutely was grateful, I cannot even imagine what my life would have been like had any of those occured. But you see, my foot was broken. I could handle the damage to my esthetic, I could handle the pain in my back, but my feet? They were my movers, my expressers. My independence, my confidence. My identity. My everything.

For the first few months every day started with the belief that recovery was in sight. As if somehow, magic dust had been sprinkled over me through the night, excellerating the rehab process. I didn’t have the capacity to really process the experience of my lived trauma. I would make ‘plans’ for my day, and considered my injuries to be an annoyance, instead of my new reality. Every night was clouded with a weighted sadness. I was already doing everything within my perceived power to heal, and I would just have to accept it would all be a matter of time.

At some point, I began to accept the truth- I was in agony. I was tired, frustrated, and heart broken. The life I had worked so hard for, was so excited about, had been pulled out from underneath me. Yet here I was, attempting to carry on as if being completely reliant on other people was normal. As if the screaming inside my brain, and the heaviness in my heart had always been there.

Propped up in my bed one day, I noticed by yoga mat sitting against a wall fairly close to me. I had no idea how it got there, as I was certain I hadn’t seen it there before. My mat had always been very special to me. I had taken the leap and splurged on something high end a couple months previously, and had used it almost everyday since. Whether I was practicing in my room, or in a studio, I always felt a sense of divine power when I was on it. A bold statement I know- but it truly felt like the 26″ X 71″ space, was my divine stage.

I crawled out of bed, rolled out my mat, and layed down. I closed my eyes, placed my hand on my heart, and tuned in to my breath. I stayed quiet, and I listened. I listened to the story my body had been screaming to tell me, the truth I had been ignoring. I took deep, intentional breaths, and I cried. Not the hysterical sobbing I had become so accustomed to, or the desperate hyperventilation. A slow cry, a sad cry. Tears for the life I had lost, the pain I was in, and the hardship I knew I still faced on this journey. As the tears quietly streamed down my face, I continued breathing, embracing the safety I felt on the sacred space underneath me. At some point, I started moving. Very subtle, and very calm, I allowed my intuition to guide me.

When I was cleared from my second foot surgery, I was desperate to move more than was available on my bedroom floor. I was connected to a pilates studio in the town next to mine, who were more than happy to accomodate my needs. I was able to integrate some strength building into the mobility work I had been doing on my own. I began to get stronger, and move forward in my physical rehab process. I was ecstatic, once again creating a fantasy reality where I was able to go back to school, and continue being the ‘artist’ I had always been. As soon as I was strong enough to stand, I signed up for a yoga class.

As we were guided through the flows I felt like I was doing a really honest job of accessing modifications. It felt nothing at all like my practise had been before, but I was just happy to be there. It wasn’t until our end savasana that I truly began to understand how deep the power of movement really is. My years of studying dance, of investigating intuitive questions, and of flowing on my mat suddenly made sense.

Here I was again, lying on my sacred space, hand over my heart, listening. The tears came in the same quiet way they had in my bedroom. The words ‘forgiveness’ and ‘patience’ washed over me, from a place I didn’t even know existed. I thought my years of training had taught me what ‘listening’ really was, what ‘experiencing my body’ and its emotions really were. But here I was, literally being given words from somewhere deep inside myself. This had never happened to me before, and it gave me a sense of permission I didn’t realise I was missing. These words- patience and forgiveness continually come back to me, even 4 years later as something I always need to check in on.

That day was the day I learned how vital movement is to our bodies. It is not just art, and it is not just about looking a certain way. It has been proposed that ‘the issues are in our tissues’- which is referring to so much more than just the physical. Chronic pain can be caused through an unacknowledged emotional wound, and if we don’t give ourselves the opportunity to listen, we might never learn the intelligence that resides within us, to heal.

I astounded my medical team with how quickly I worked through their list of recovery achievements. I was not only moving, but thriving through my physical rehabilitation. I may have been living in a dream world through survival mode, but my desire to keep moving literally kept me alive. It is incredibly common for athletes, artists, or anyone who has lost their sense of identity to slip into a deep depression. I won’t pretend the dark days weren’t there- because they were, and they were hard. But there was always a bright day to follow. A day where I got to move, to listen, and to learn more about the strength I had within myself- a strength we ALL have.

I have learned that recovery never really ends. It’s a day at a time, for the rest of my life. I have also learned, that I am still an artist. I may not have finished my degree nor do I take class regularly. But every day I get to wake up, and ask my body how it feels. I get to walk to work, and I get to move on my mat. Most importantly, I get to teach others that artistry is objective. It may not be traditional, and it may not be graceful, but any body moving from the soul in space is art, and you my friend, the artist.

August New Moon Musings

I feel like the end of August always has an energy of newness. The ritual of going back to school in September makes it feel like a new year. I don’t know if its the perspective of just celebrating my birthday, my sister moving to a new province, or the celebration of a new moon, but I definitely feel like I can take a deep breath and relax.

I feel like there is so much good that has happened, and so much good to come. The more I try to hold tightly, the less room there is for things to flow. Yes I have to be an active participant in my life, and yes I have ALOT to do. But I am so so ready to let go of feeling fearful. I have come too far to only come this far.

I feel like so many good things are coming. Previously I would be a little panicky, apply for 100 jobs, and within 6 weeks feel super stressed out. I am not going to repeat that cycle this time. I’m going to give all the good stuff that’s already happening a second to breath, to catch up with one another, and then go from there.

Because really, we’re just little specs on a beautiful planet. Really, all of the stuff to feel stressed out about it sort of made up. Money is really just numbers that we trade, working is something we do to bring value to our community. And really thats what I want to do. Bring value, BE of value to my community, and to myself.

Interestingly enough, thats exactly what this new moon is about. Sharing, being vulnerable, and sexy, and excited.

I am definitely, definitely excited.


D xo

27 things for 27

  1. I have total faith that there is a plan, and the more I can relax and be patient, the quicker that plan will work
  2. Play time, time to be creative and silly
  3. Finance is a numbers game, it doesn’t have to be emotional
  4. Family time! Make more of an effort to reach out to family everywhere
  5. Feel the fear and do it anyway
  6. Set goals, but be flexible. I am only human, and I want to make sure I put out things that are true, thoughtful, and real to me
  7. Plan trips! New Brunswick, British Colombia, and a sunny place are on my to go list this year!
  8. Feel okay with saying no to things.
  9. BUT, don’t say no just because somethings hard (I’m looking at you half marathon)
  10. Launch an etsy with all my fave thrifting finds
  11. Share more of the malas I love to make (because honestly, making them allows me to feel so calm)
  12. Sign up for singing lessons!
  13. MASSIVE clear out of extra ‘stuff’, as if preparing to move into a tiny home (omg omg I actually would love to live in one)
  14. Set business goals, and a plan to reach them
  15. Hire a part time employee to help with everything
  16. Look into trainings; 300 YTT, Yoga Nidra, Restorative, Yoga Philosophy, Sound work, rehabilitation… LAWD there’s so many I would love to take
  17. Explore little adventures around the city
  18. Watch more foreign film (totally open to suggestions)
  19. Sign up for dance classes (you got this)
  20. Launch my podcast! “The Big H” has been brewing for SO LONG, I’m so ready to get that puppy going
  21. Continue with self care practices; therapy, movement, massage, facials, scheduling
  22. Keep planning date time- there is always enough money for a date, there is always enough time
  23. Check out some of the local comedy nights!
  24. Look into some volunteering options (animals ideally!)
  25. Keep building a toxic free lifestyle
  26. Keep making time for friends, maybe plan a girls trip?!

The Accident

‘When I was 21, I was in a crazy, freak accident. I was leaning on a balcony railing, when it gave out from behind me. I fell about 20ft onto concrete steps. You can imagine there was lots of damage from that day, and I’ve spent the past couple years working through my physical recovery. Of course there was a law suit, and that ended a couple of years ago.’

Thats the quick and dirty I usually give to people- IF I feel comfortable enough to share a little bit about my background. It used to be much much harder. In fact, there was a time when I didn’t even need to say anything, just from looking at me people would look shocked and say “Oh my god what happened to you”

That used to really upset me. So I would make something up. Sometimes I would say I had worked at Ripleys Aquarium, fell in the tank and had to be fished out. I once had a 30 minute conversation with a stranger about marine biology after that story. And for the record, I know absolutely nothing about Marine Biology!

But when I really think about that day now, I can’t even think about just the day. I think about everything leading up to it, and everything that happened after. It’s sort of like there are 3 parts to my life.

Pre accident, recovery and lawsuit, and post lawsuit.

Preaccident I was a dance student at The School of Toronto Dance Theatre. I had definitely struggled to find my place there through my first two years, but I was really excited to go into my final year. I felt like maybe I COULD make some kind of career in dance. And if not? I was super interested in art and movement therapy. I had just been hired at Lululemon (a job I had wanted for ages!), and I felt really good about my apartment and social life.

Looking back I can see little hints of life trying to tell me that I was seeing all of these things through rose coloured glasses. I had actually REALLY been struggling with my health through most of my time at TDT. I caught pneumonia at the end of my first year, and had issues with my intestines all through my second year. I had spent more time being sick and struggling than actually really enjoying my time there. I had amazing friends through the program, but I always felt like they were more committed, and overall better than I was. I had made new friends outside of school, but we were drinking ALOT, which was sometime I hadn’t really allowed myself before

To be clear I am not judging this version of me or this time in my life, just reflecting.

On a hot, sunday afternoon, my bestfriend and I went out to watch the Toronto Pride Parade. We didn’t often get to see each other, but she had come down specifically to hangout and go to the parade. We were having a fabulous morning. We wandered around the many booths set up, took a super cute picture, cheered alongside many in the community, and went back to my place for a swim. As the afternoon was winding down I went to visit some friends who had been walking in the parade. They were pretty pooped, so it was a very calm day. I don’t remember much from here, so what happened next is mostly from what I’ve been told.

I was chatting to a friend, when the balcony made a loud creaking noise. It started to peel away, and took me down with it. The only memory I have for certain is that I could feel someones hands on my back. I felt like I was being guided down to the ground, and I’m confident there was someone looking out for me that day. I landed face first over concrete steps. I don’t know how long I was out for, but I do remember all of a sudden being seated. From what I am told, my forehead had been smashed through, all the way to the bone. There was a ton of blood, and lots of yelling and screaming. All I remember though, is being extremely confused, extremely dizzy, and extremely concerned about a throbbing pain in my left foot.

I was taken to St.Mikes hospital’s trauma unit immediately. On a side note, I have been to this hospital’s emergency section to support friends. It always felt like there was too much going on, and mostly people who hadn’t necessarily needed their help. I can 100% say now that if you are a person who is taken there and in need of immediate care, they will give you the attention you need.

I was put under so that the damage to my body could be checked, and some time later I woke up. I was very very confused. I couldn’t understand why I was strapped into a head brace, not allowed to get up, and was heavily dosed on pain killers.

I was lucky enough to have friends around me as I woke up, and in pictures we have (yes, there are pictures) you can tell that there I had been tears. I still couldn’t understand why everyone was so upset.

My mum told my sometime later what had happened for everyone else. Everyone there that day was in serious shock. People were in hysterics, and some were even throwing up from both shock and the amount of blood pouring out my head. When my parents were called, nobody could really articulate what had happened, just that they needed to get down to the hospital.

When my parents got there, it was clear everyone had been holding it together, and could finally let themselves go in their presence. My parents were approached by the hospital priest and told if they needed anything, he was there.

At this point they were still super confused. They thought I had just sort of banged my head and needed a *few* stitches. It was at that point a nurse came over and sat them down. She told them I had been in a serious accident. An accident that happens a couple times a year in the city and usually ends with severe brain damage, internal bleeding, paralysis or death. Often at heights lower than what I had been.

So when I woke up, and was for the most part pretty present, everyone was relieved. Although I couldn’t remember details, and we weren’t sure how extensive the long term damage was to my brain there was a few things we knew for certain;

I was Dominique Cheshire. I lived in Toronto. I had been at a friends house when the balcony gave away. I was a dancer. I was lucky. Very, very lucky.

This was the event that completely turned my life around. Although there were lawsuits, and PTSD, and so much work around what recovery and healing would be, I am not sorry to have had this experience.

It changed me, in the most unpredictable way.

And I’m so happy I’m here to get to share it with you,

D xo

10 Things You Should Know About Me


I’m so happy to see you again 🙂

So I figured it would be way more fun to get to know each other with 10 things to know about me! That way you can decide whether we should keep this friendship going (spoiler, obvi we should), and I can do something I love ie. lists. Which brings me to point number one..

  1. I LOVE making lists

I literally have notebooks full of different lists. Lists of things I want to buy, lists of places I want to go, lists of restaurants I want to eat at. Of books to read, things to write about.. heck, maybe I’ll do a whole post on my favourite lists to make (LOL I’m a virgo, I love being organized)

2. I love Harry Potter.

Like deeply, to the pit of my soul/end of the earth kind of love. I believe in magic. There, I said it. I love fantasy, and the idea that there is so much more to people, and to the world than we can see. I love the idea that at any minute I may unlock a special talent that will gain me access it a higher level of being. I also had a big crush on Ron Weasley, so there’s that.

3. I love to travel

I’m a dual citizen of Canada and England, and because of that I’ve travelled back and forth, and lived between the two my whole life. When I was 18 I decided to go to Bogota, Colombia, and from there fell in love with exploring new countries and cultures. I believe in responsible travel, and really do try to do my best to positively impact the communities I visit.

4. I’m an aggressive sleep talker

I don’t think we’ll be having any sleepovers any time soon, but just in case I thought it would be kind to give you a heads up. I am a V aggressive sleep talker. I will talk to you as if I’m wide awake. I will talk to you as if you are the person in my dream. I will take you through an entire pilates class (muscle awareness included)! Honestly, I’m a dream to sleep with.

5. I am a certified pilates/yoga/barre/roll model method instructor

Having a dance background made the transition into teaching really enjoyable. I always thought I would teach yoga first as that is my longest practice, but I actually became certified in Pilates Mat/Reformer a good 3 years before yoga. I love being able to facilitate space for people to move their bodies. I was very lucky to work in rehabilitation for a while, and that’s something I SUPER enjoy. I know what it feels like when your body isn’t doing the thing you want it to. Or the feeling of being in constant pain. I love being able to hold space, and be of service to anyone trying to make good choices to take care of themselves and create positivity in their life.

6. I had/have a brain injury.

I’m not quite sure if I’m still considered to have an injury, but I definitely still have the affects of it. Part of the host of injuries I had after a freak accident was smashing my forehead open.. all the way to the bone.

The nurse who stitched my head back together did an amazing job, and I have had a procedure on it since, so the scarring really isn’t that bad. I did have a solid 3 years of PTSD and symptoms of brain injury, and I remember how scary/out of control that time felt. I did a TON of work personally to work through that trauma, and I am SO happy to say it IS possible to live a life on the other side.

7. Unicorns

I honestly don’t know how or when unicorns became such a big part of my life, but they have.. and I’m not upset about it

8. Therapy

I am such a big believer in therapy. I believe there are so many ways to experience therapy beyond the traditional doctor-in-chair scenario, and whatever that is for you, do it. Talk therapy, movement therapy, art therapy, singing therapy, EMDR, horse back riding, working out. Whatever it is that makes sense for you it will always, always be worth it.

9. I talk.. a lot.

It is literally my job to talk to people for hours straight. I always have a lot to say, and often I forget to breath. I talk pretty quickly, and actively have to remind myself to slow down. I used to be pretty self conscious of being a ‘chatter box’. I pretty much always say what pops into my head, and do my best to use my voice to help encourage empowerment. Sometimes I’m sarcastic though, and sassy, definitely sassy.

10. I feel super open, and super closed at the same time

I feel an incredible impulse to be super open about some really intense moments in my life. Maybe it’s because the modality of writing feels so homey to me, or maybe its because its just time for it to come out. But as open, and loud and vulnerable as I can be, I can be really selfconscious and self critical. I’m hoping to get better at breathing through this part of myself, so I can continue sharing vulnerably.

What do you think?! Friends 4 Ever now?!

I hope so,

See you soon!

D xo

A quick hello

Hey! I’m Dom.

I’ve enjoyed writing my whole life, and have spend much of that time working up the courage to start a blog. There is so much I want to share, give, and create with you, that I really felt like it was about time to do this thing.

I was that kid who played games with my imaginary friends, wasn’t the most keen on getting dirty, but loved to be moving my body and creating.

I began ballet when I was about 4? That age is mostly jumping around in circles, but I loved it so much my parents kept me in for most of my childhood. I have done probably 100 Nutcracker performances throughout my career, and to this day as soon as I hear Sugar Plum music I can’t help but mentally work the choreography.

Although I dabbled with the idea of writing in University, I dropped out half way through my first year of Journalism to pursue dance.

I was a student at The School of Toronto Dance Theatre, and had every intention of graduating and find a way to make a living out of creating.

In the summer between my second and third (final) year of STDT I was in a major accident that brought an immediate halt to all of this. I was leaning against the railing of a second floor balcony, when out of nowhere it collapsed. I fell 20ft onto concrete steps below.

I used to say that this is where everything ended, but now I see it more as the beginning.

The beginning of my journey into really understanding what ‘healing’ the body can look and feel like. Of understanding my spiritual gifts. Of recognizing that life is precious. Of knowing that no matter what is happening externally, WE get to decide our fate.

I might not have been in control of what happened to me, but I sure as shit was (and am still) in charge of what my process and journey back to life could be.

This blog is a space for me to share- sometimes in detail my story. The tough stuff, and the really amazing stuff. The tools that worked for me, and the things I continue to do to thrive through life.

It’s my space to be creative, and dorky, and share 1000000 things about Harry Potter.

Mostly, its my space to have a voice, because ultimately, this is our most powerful tool, and I can’t wait to use it.

Love, love, love

D xo