Giving Birth

Okay, so when I say giving birth, I don’t mean actual birth.

I mean creative birth.

I’ve heard creators describe their process as labour, and the energy required for their launch as the ‘final push’.

I thought this was maybe just a comparison, until I find myself actually in the thick of it.

I have been in labour creating The Embodied Alchemy Podcast, and I cannot believe we release TOMORROW!

NOT ONLY, is it a release day, its specifically an episode around my story, my journey. My pain, and my resilience, and my joy.

AND I’ve already have feedback from you about how excited you are to hear it!

I’ll be honest, I recorded my episode with as much genuine emotion as possible- and although its been edited, I haven’t personally listened to it. I wanted to keep it so so real for whoever was listening.

So I’m nervous.

What if my baby isn’t received by the world with as much love as I have for it? What if people don’t like my baby?

While I could run myself in circles wondering ‘what if this, what if that’ here’s what I know;

  • SO MUCH of the creation process was divine timing. I don’t know if I’ve ever felt flow state like this before. New people who were exactly what I needed started appearing in my life.
  • My heart has been FULL. Like, so full. Every time I find someone new to interview, I get a little buzz. Everytime we sit down to record, I want to be my best self to support them, witness them.
  • Every time I finish recording I am F-L-O-A-T-I-N-G. Like honestly floating.
  • I am NOT tech person, and I was absolutely happy to learn ALLLL the tech stuff
  • Sponsors appeared, and wanted to work with me!
  • That regardless of what happens, I am SO proud of myself, the humans I had the pleasure of interviewing, and my baby for just forking DOING IT.

We launch TOMORROW! So be ready to listen to the first episode HERE

See you there!

D xo

Ps. Check out all the behind the scenes over on insta

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