My favourite Knix

If we hangout together on Instagram, you’ll likely know by now that I LOVE the brand Knix. If you aren’t familiar, they are a Toronto, female owned business that designs and produces intimates. They believe that we should all be able free to live our best lives, with their goal being to design products that allow their customer to feel comfortable in their own skin (not trying to match up to any sort of standard).

PHEW. YES. PRAISE THE GODDESS. More of that please.

I started wearing Knix products about a year ago; I started with an evolution bra in a lovely teal colour, and a body suit.

WELL, I was so impressed with the fit and comfort of them that it wasn’t long until I had more body suits, more underwear, and more bras.

I have been on an image related self esteem rollercoaster my whole life, so to have a product that I felt so comfortable, so confident in I wanted to post about it on social media? HUGE deal for me. I have actively avoided having my picture taken for pretty much my whole life.

I have also been very fortunate that the Knix team started to see my posts and sent me a box of goodies in exchange for writing for them (you can read that here).

SUPER exciting for me, because I have already purchased so much of their line on my own. Since that post, I’ve had a lot of questions about what I love and why, so here are my top 5 MUSTS from Knix!

The Dream Short

Soz for the quality, stole this from my insta stories hee hee

Ummm KAY. If you are a person who menstruates, and you’re tired of all the current night time solutions I HIGHLY recommend getting yourself some shorts.

I have a light flow, but I fully trust that even with a medium to heavy flow these would hold up. The first time I put them on they felt a little bit diaperish because they have such a great absorbent pad, but within maybe 5 seconds I was over it. I love the way they fit around my hips and thighs, and that the moment I sense I might need some night time protection I can just slide these on. I have used all the other solutions; pad/tampon (wake up at 3am to change it), and cup and honestly, the dream short trumps them all.

Leakproof High Rise Thong

So I definitely had no idea how life changing a high rise thong would be in my life, until Knix sent me this one to try.

I get really intense period cramps, and the feeling of my underwear coming all the way to my belly button is a DELIGHT.

Having the higher cut creates a much more seamless line underneath jeans/leggings which (as I LIVE in leggings) I really appreciate.

A++ from me

  • I will say that I can only vouch for a light flow here, I don’t know if they would necessarily last you all day/have the same security with a heavy flow.

Cheeky Everything

I have the cheeky in leakproof, and in regular and I love them both. The top rim is a bit stickier, so there are no worries about the uncomfortable ‘undie slip’ (looking at you running and half roll backs #matpilates)

They will leave a little bit of a pantyline with thin leggings, but otherwise are totally fine. I recommend sizing up in the leakproof

Catalyst Sports Bra

Let me take a second to talk about my boobs (if we weren’t getting personal already). I had a fairly small chest up until I took a break from dance from about 16-18. At that time I bloomed in a way that I had never even anticipated. Then I started dancing again, and *pop*, everything went down again. THEN I was in the accident, and gained some weight and HELLOOOO they were back. THEEEEEN I started being more active, eventually ran a half marathon, and now I’m back to a smaller chest, that has been stretched and mildly abused with activity.

All of that is to say that my boobs have changed shape so many times, that I now feel like I can’t find a sports bra that supports their new shape.

Using the Catalyst bra was the first time I felt like I was supported no matter which way I was facing (being upside down has been a wee bit riskay up until now). It was comfortable, supported but somehow also flexible?! I love it. I use it running, yogaing, pilates, and weights. It never feels like the wrong time. Even though this one was sent to me by Knix, I will 100% be buying more for myself.

Ps. I’m a size 1!

The Every Bodysuit

The purchase that started it all. I LOVE these bodysuits. I love that they are adjustable from both the crotch and the straps, which allows the fabric to fit the way YOU want it to. I have worn them dressed up with fancy pants and shoes, with overalls, with casual jeans, with literally nothing else because I like to parade around my apartment in just the suit.

I feel supported, and free to move. I love the way it hugs my bod, and I hope you do too!

That’s it friends! My top 5! If you’re totally sold on trying some of the Knix goodness, I have a code for $15 off any purchase of $100

What are you going to get?!

Let me know!

D xo

PS. The Catalyst sports bra and cheeky undies were sent to me by Knix in exchange for writing a blog post for them! You can read it here!

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