Manifest 2020


If you celebrate New Years for January 1st- welcome to the first day of the next decade.

As we get inundated with messages about new years sales, improving ourselves, and goal setting I offer you the chance to get really really clear on what you want this next week, month, year, and decade to look like! Keep your list short and sweet

  1. Keep your list short and sweet
  • This is contrary to a lot of theories, but this is why I suggest keeping it minimal; Imagine your energy as a jug of water, and your goals empty glasses. If you have 4-6 glasses in front of you, chances are you’ll be able to fill them up! If you have 10 or 12 glass to fill, you’ll only be able to offer a little bit of water to each (and have loads more dishes to do!)

TIP; I like to choose one or two major goals for specific areas of my life;

  • Personal (ex. boundaries, self care, health/wellness)
  • Finances (ex. paying off debt, increasing savings, increasing income)
  • Relationships (ex. experiences with friends, planning dates with family/partner)
  • Growth ( ex. spiritually, travel, education)

If you’re a big dreamer (like me) this can seem IMPOSSIBLE. There are a million things I want to do, so many that it’s hard to differentiate between what is exciting, and what is truly the most important to me. It’s actually an incredibly empowering practice to get crystal clear on what you really deep down want.

2. Replace “I want” with “I commit to”

“I want” implies less responsibility on ourselves, and more on it just happening for us.

“I commit to” implies that WE are going to take the steps to completing our goal

Ex. I want to run the Scotiabank Half Marathon ⤍ I commit to running the Scotiabank Half Marathon

  • I also love that when we say “I commit” it includes all the steps along the way that would get us there so we can keep the goal clear (step 1) without losing the importance of the small steps along the way.

TIP; Play around with this if you use “I am” statements, see if it changes at all!

“I am wealthy” ⤍ “I commit to being wealthy”

3. Create a visual

This is where we can add some playfulness to the process! Once you’ve nailed down your one really specific goal in each category, find a visual representation. Pinterest, google searches, and magazines are GREAT for this! You can leave them in an album, make them the background to your phone/computer, or create a vision board with these super specific pictures!

TIP; Sometimes I’ll actually do this with step one. If I feel like I don’t *quite* know what I want, I collect pictures of everything in an album. By the time I have 30 photos, I can usually tell pretty quickly which ones are the MOST important to me, and those are the ones we want to print!

4. Let it marinate

I don’t necessarily believe that you have to chant these commitments every day (I KNOW WOW! Maybe a little controversial). I believe that if you’ve taken the time to get clear, write it down and have a visual somewhere, you don’t necessarily neeeed to then listen to it on repeat or write it out everyday.

That being said, if you already have that sort of practice and find it super helpful then go for it!

What I do believe, is that every time you’re faced with a decision; how am I spending my time today, how am I taking care of myself, where can I create opportunity, where can I look for help to grow- they should absolutely come back to the goals you’ve created for yourself.

For example; In October my goal was to launch The Embodied Alchemy Podcast in January 2020. I didn’t create a pinterest board- but I did start researching how I would do this and what I would need. After the initial excitement wore off, I kept checking in with myself,

“What have I done this week to keep this project moving forward?”

“Where can I find time today/this week to get a little step closer”

And guess what?! You can keep your eyes peeled for The Embodied Alchemy Podcast Launch January 30th 2020!

I don’t really dive in to this process until about the second week of January. I keep it in mind, and I allow myself the space to brainstorm, but I find there is so much busy-ness over the holidays that I can’t sit down to get clear without feeling stressed out. This process is ideally NOT stress or anxiety inducing. This is our time to really get to know ourselves, what we really really want.

I have SUCH good feelings about 2020, I can’t wait to celebrate our journeys together!

Happy New Year!

D xo

ps. I created a list of helpful prompts if you’re having trouble starting! You can find it here

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