2019, Year in Review

2019 was a BIG year, and I feel like 2020 is revving up to be even bigger.

As we constantly have our eyes on the magic and goal setting of the future, I think it important to take stock of lessons learned and goals accomplished so far.

Here are my highs and lows of 2019, may all the lessons learned move forward with me into the potential of the new year ✨


  • I sent in my Final video exam for my Roll Model Method Certification. This was super special because Tigor helped me a TON with it. It was our first super important collaboration moment. He was a wonderful example body for me, and didn’t bat an eyelash over the amount of times I had to say “take the balls”
  • I took a course with YogaFit on Trauma Sensitivity in Teaching. I had a really hard time being open to this. It’s tough to be in an environment learning about something you’ve experienced personally without feeling emotional
  • I was BLESSED with the experience of meeting Eva of @evajoellephoto. This was the first time I had a professional photographer take pictures for me, and the first time I reallllyyy had to think about branding. I’m not inherently comfortable in front of the camera- I’m super self conscious about my teeth, but we have a WONDERFUL day!
This was such a fun day. Eva totally changed my mind on being in front of a camera!


  • I covered classes at Octopus Garden ! This is where I did my 200hr YTT and have had them up on my vision board as a place I would LOVE to teach at!
  • End of the month had a bit of a scare with cysts & ovaries- we definitely DO NOT get enough education on women’s bodies and all the complicated amazingness that happens in our reproductive centre.
  • Reconnected with an old friend, who is now a dear friend. The city feels a little less lonely knowing there are more people to be friends with 💖


  • I find a space to offer Reiki, and adore being able to connect with people in this way
  • I take a SUPER liberating class at Misfits, and it reminds me how much I love (and miss) dancing
  • I spend ALL my free time preparing for a pilates teaching exam that has been causing me GREAT anxiety
  • I take a HUGE step and decide to get Invisalign! If I’m going to put myself out there more, I really want to take care of this insecurity.
It is genuinely such an honour to be able to offer Reiki to folks xo


  • I have a full blown anxiety attack in a very important meeting. I cry and hyperventilate, and am totally embarrassed. But then the meeting facilitator calms me down and reminds me that we all have our stories, and that I’m moving forward for myself, to prove to myself that I CAN do hard, scary things. Spoiler alert; she was totally right.
  • I co facilitate a SUPER fun workshop; laughter yoga with a friend I met travelling in Colombia!
  • I attend an INCREDIBLY inspiring doTERRA event. The power of informed natural solutions is absolutely amazing.
Rising tides raise all ships ❤


  • I dove in to some DELICIOUS sound alchemy education in Prince Edward County with Megan Marie Gates. I HIGHLY recommend her to anyone interested in learning about the collaboration of sound and healing in the body
  • I DID THE EXAMS!! I took myself out for a manicure after my written, and a week later sweated my way through my practical. It wasn’t perfect, but the fact is I DID IT. Something I had been putting off for YEARS out of fear, was done and dusted.
  • I ran my first 10km race with my Mum! Little did I know what it would lead to…
10km down, 1 million more to go haha


  • I had the most intense, authentic spiritual experience of my life. Spice Girls on tour in the UK. It was honestly the most unbelievable, magical, girl power experience I think I will ever have.
  • I went to Taco Fest in Toronto.. twice. no regrets, I highly recommend.
  • I started training for the Scotiabank Half Marathon. Goddess have mercy I was not at all prepared, and only 75% committed.
  • Also become deeply invested in the Fast and Furious franchise this month.
Casually worshipping at the temple of Spice


  • I have my first appointment back in therapy. It took me a little while to find someone in the city I was comfortable with, but I ended up connecting with a trauma specialist, who works with buddhist principles and EDMR. It was such a relief to be back in therapy and have a space to process all the thoughts/feelings that bounce around in my head.
  • I go to Prince Edward Counties first Yoga Festival with one of my besties and it was WONDERFUL!
  • I have finally decided I need to advocate for myself and the respect I deserve as a person and instructor at a studio I teach at (working up the courage to do it isn’t quite there yet)
Even though I burn easily, I am SUCH a sun baby. I LOVE the sunshine


  • Back in the UK for TWO wedding celebrations!
  • ITS MY BIRTHDAY! Hello 27!
  • I have the difficult conversation with my boss, and ultimately it ends in being told we have differing opinions on what I ‘deserve’. If you are a person offering a service, YOU decide your worth. Don’t let anybody try to tell you differently.
Me and Mama en route to wedding number 1


  • Get treated to seeing the amazing Jonathon Van Ness in Toronto with my bestie.
  • Celebrate the final wedding of the season of two beautiful souls
  • Decide to take Half Marathon Training seriously and officially register to race!
He’s literally the best ❤


  • I attend two mind shifting Toronto Business Babes events- these have been so important to my growth personally and in business. The final event I officially decide it is time to plan the Embodied Alchemy Podcast!
  • We (finally) host a themed party- Halloweeeeeeeeeeen!
I literally cannot even believe I did this. AND I got to cross the finish line with my running bestie!


  • Podcast recordings are are in FULL SWING and I can’t even believe it!
  • I spend a magical evening at Horsehoe Tavern embracing the power of music with Rising Appalachia
  • I spend the first of two weekends learning the importance of Restorative Yoga with Andrea Peloso
We also had a team photoshoot at 889, and I felt SO much more confident with my *almost completed* smile


  • The podcast recordings continue, and my heart is literally expanding with joy
  • I attend my first dance class in YEARS. I super recommend Gaga to anyone who loves moving their body, without the limitations of a specific technique
  • The orchids that I thought I was never going to be able to take care of bloomed! If this isn’t the most amazing sign of goodness for the new year, I don’t know what is
This is one of my FAVE pictures from this year!

Whatever you’re celebrating this season, I hope you can take some time to reflect on all the amazing things you’ve already accomplished!

I am so excited to share this year, and all the years to come with you!

Happy Holidays friends!

D xo

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