Heart Revol(a)ution

My heart has been absolutely bursting the past couple of weeks, all from the seed of an idea I had earlier this year.

January 2019 I knew I wanted to start a podcast. I had the blueprint of an idea, but couldn’t quite nail down how I wanted to go about it.

Would I do a series of solo episodes? Maybe record a facebook live?

Would I focus it on me and my experiences?

Do I have the energy to create something long term?

I was also considering my patterns of creativity. Sometimes I can an idea that’s only half complete, get really excited and move full steam ahead, only to realize it was really just a dead end. Other times I have a great idea, and totally run out of energy to complete it. I really didn’t want this to be either of those scenarios, so I took some time to ask myself if this was something I really wanted. This questioning was answered with a resounding, soul filled yes from deep within.

I decided to let it marinate, and throughout this process little bits of magic started to happen.

This entire year I’ve been ‘serendipitously’ meeting people with amazing stories of hardship and resilience. I’ve seen myself in their journey, and seen how others react to their story.

My marinating began to take more form. No- I wasn’t going to make it just about me. How could I when there were LOADS of beautiful stories to share, each with their own unique experience.

No, I wasn’t going to base this off of any other form of media. I like to record when it feels authentic and real for me and the people I’m interviewing, without the pressure of knowing people are watching.

My next quest was to see how expensive this whole process would be. I was prepared for the worst, but guess what?!

It’s REALLY not that bad!

I started with one yeti mic that I bought second hand to reduce cost. Coupled with Garageband, that’s all you really need to start off.

My next big hurdle was a HUGE mindset block;

Why would anyone want to talk to me?

I don’t have a huge following on instagram, the podcast isn’t even out yet for crying out loud. Why would anyone want to share their vulnerability with me?

Around this time I started reading the book “The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck”

The major takeaway for me?

Just start. There is no such thing as failing, you either achieve the goal, or you learn from the process.

So I put on my big person pants, and I sat at my computer. I took some deep breaths, I closed my eyes. I started to record my story with as much heart and vulnerability as I possibly could. I cried a few times, and when I finished recording I was reminded that my story, my struggle is worth something. That it could serve as a reminder to someone else not to give up, and that there is a way forward. Which is when this project stopped being about me and my insecurities, and became about all the people who needed to be reminded that their life is meaningful.

I reached out to all the people I could think of I had met over this year (remember those ‘serendipitous’ meetings?!) I sent them an email or voicenote explaining what my project was, and included my podcast recording to the email.

Every single person I reached out to said yes.

Every. Single. One.

Because guess what? We are ALL working through something sticky, or have worked through something sticky.

We are ALL working towards the best life we can, no matter how many insta followers exist on an account.

I have learned so so much through this process, and feel like I’m being lit up from the inside.

My biggest lesson? Be mindful of the stories I write in my head about myself, and ESPECIALLY be mindful of the stories I write about other people.

At the beginning of the year, I believed that nobody would have any interest in my little pod project. I believed that my story and voice were insignificant in the world of story telling, and that nobody would want to listen anyway.

So far, I’m 0 for 2.

When I launch January 30th 2020, I hope to be 0-3.

Our stories our important, YOUR story is important.

So please don’t be afraid to share, it might be exactly what someone needs to hear.

love, love, love

D xo

PS. Follow @embodiedalchemy.pod on insta for updates !

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