Flow Magic


I was recently having a conversation with a client who is deeply involved in the music world. She has created many albums, worked with the stars (in fact, she is one herself!) and is in the middle of creating something special.

Knowing that I come from the arts, and that I work creatively now, she asked me for my opinion on what being in ‘flow’ or ‘connected’ feels like.

We talked about different ways this happens; in life, in energy work, in writing etc. I’ve been marinating on this question, and what it means to me for a little while. What DOES it feel like when the stars align, and I feel like I’m living my dharma? Do I even know?

This is where I’m at so far;

It feel like of all the gin joints, in all the world, I’m here with you.

It feels like every bump on the road, every hick-up, every deep dark moment had a purpose, a lesson. It hurt so bad because it was created precisely for me, to guide me here.

It feels like ever star, every planet, every plant is my guide; watching me and keeping me safe.

It feels like I simultaneously have all the answers, and none of the answers, but it doesn’t matter, because I will know what I need to know in time.

It feels like the whole universe is smiling down, is sending waves of energy and light through me.

It feels like my heart is connected to the centre of all beings, and is a channel to share its wisdom.

It feels like we are all one, and all unique.

It feels like I have an exact purpose designed for me, because my unique understanding is the exact message someone needs to hear.

It feels like love.

It feels like light, and floating, and bubbles and roots.

Like laughter and sunshine, and waves on the beach.

Like everything, from the smallest organism, to the largest and wildest are all beating as one, and I can hear the current of energy flowing through us all

like a sweet hum.

It feels like a current sweeping me along, with no desire to control it. A trust that this current is designed to support me so that I can share the guidance of its truth.

It feels like all the dark, and all the light dance together. Not good or bad, evil or righteous. But soul flames, designed to ignite.

It feels like magic, and truth- even if I don’t fully understand it.

It feels like the most beautiful hug I’ve ever had.

It feels like a secret to be told, and gratitude to be shared.

Of all the possible ways souls can travel, we all here to work together, grow together, love together.

Of all the gin joints in all the world, this one, is ours.


D xo

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