The *witchy* truth


It has been joked in my friends circle for years that I’m ‘witchy’.

I’m always concocting creations, I deeply believe in plant and plant medicine. I have had weird ‘abilities’ since childhood, I even used to get visions.

I’ve had a very funny relationship with this side of myself, BECAUSE it has always been brought up jokingly.

Oh Dom probably has a potion for that

Dom, just come visit me in your dreams

Dom, can you just ask the spirits?!

Up until now I haven’t minded all the joking, in fact, I’ve kind of enjoyed it (I even have a friend that sometimes refers to me as Bruja Blanca.. white witch).

But as I get older, and as I do more and more work on my version of my truth, the more I recognize that this isn’t a joke to me. That there’s a lot that has gone on in my life that isn’t, in fact, normal. I’m very lucky to have a small group of friends who also experience things a bit differently than the average, so I forget to step outside of my comfort zone and explain to others exactly how it’s been throughout my life.

When I was little, my friends and I used to play imaginary games (I have always had a strong creative side/imagination). We used to have magical cats (sort of like our version of Salem), and would have to solve imaginary problems in an imaginary world. Except I would imagine so hard that I would actually see them.

I now recognize that when kids play *imaginary* games, they aren’t actually seeing anything, rather make believing. I have always been a very literal person, so if we were going to play with magical cats in a magical world, you better believe I was working overtime to conjure them up. And I did.

As I got older, around 12/14, I recognized that I had really vivid, clear dreams. And that sometimes months, sometimes days later those dreams would actually come to fruition.

I also dreamed a LOT about babies. Not in a way where I was a mother, but rather they would talk to me and give me messages. Not always directly, it usually comes as a bit of a riddle in dream form, but still. I was honestly frightened for years that I would wake up pregnant (even though I knew that was impossible) because of how intense these dreams were.

When I was 16/17 I had a full on vision that my best friend (who I actually wasn’t speaking to at the time) was going to be in a car accident where her car would roll over under a bridge. I woke up that day and ran upstairs to call her (good old house line days) and my mum was already on the phone with her mum about an accident that had happened within a couple of hours of what I saw.

For my entire teens I was overwhelmed, sick, and confused. All the energy I was reading from others and myself was being held in my body and manifesting as chronic vomitting, strep throat, colds, anxiety, and stress.

Do you remember The Green Mile? How Michael Clarke Duncan played a man who could absorb pain from others? That was what I wanted to do, what I felt like was my duty to do. I felt like if I could absorb everybody else’s pain, then it would mean everybody in my life would be okay.

Now if you’re also like that, let me take a quick moment to remind you (lovingly) that is it NOT our jobs to do that for people. It is not on you, or any other individual to absorb someone else’s story, or pain and take it on as our own. We can provide support, and we can provide tools, but there HAS to be an energetic boundary.

Through this time of illness I met an energy healer in my community. Within minutes of our first session she told me I come from a long line of healers (I had been told this many times before, and many times since). She told me that I have the potential to slip in to medium hood if I wanted to, and that I had been using my potential power against myself. She was the first to introduced tangible intuitive training, and taught me how to use sage as a way to cleanse myself and my boundaries. She is also the reason that you may hear me muttering “this energy doesn’t belong to me, you must leave if you are not here for my highest good” as I fan myself down in a bathroom stall.

She is also how I began to awaken to my potential.

A year or so after working with her, a lifetime mentor of mine passed away. She was young, and her passing was sudden. It happened right in the middle of the winter performance season in my second year of professional dance training. I had reconnected with her, and was planning on going home the following day to see her and catch up. The night before we had planned to meet a friend texted me asking what had happened, and how she had died so suddenly.

Her death affected me deeply. She had been such an important person throughout my life, and it was the first time someone who had influenced me outside of my family had passed away. It took me a fair few weeks to get myself together in class and be able to keep moving forward through school.

The night before our final spring performance I had a dream. I dreamed I was walking to class, and she was stood outside talking to my ballet teacher. As I got closer, she turned towards me, waved and smiled.

I was so taken aback, I couldn’t even register it was her

“I am so so happy to see you”, I said, “But you shouldn’t be here, don’t you know you’re dead?”

She laughed

“Oh Dom! No, don’t worry about that. That’s just a thing I do. You may think I’ve died, but I’ve actually been here the whole time. You have so so much ahead of you! You’re doing amazing. Have a great last night of shows, I’ll be watching”

When I woke up, it took me many heartbeats to calm down and remember she had died.

I have never ever forgotten that dream, the realness of that dream. That was the dream that really helped me understand just how possible it is to be connected beyond our physical world.

The older I get, the more I learn and turn to this side of myself. The side that is so much harder to explain to people, but feels right to me. Sometimes I have spirits following me, but they’re usually children, and often here for good. Sometimes I receive messages, and if I’m quick to write them down I can decipher them.

Being initiated into the world of Reiki has helped me beyond what I imagined. It offered me a system to balance what I feel and what I know. It has offered my the skills to protect myself so that I CAN explore and be open to messages for other people.

I have guides that talk to me and share with me. I use pure essential oils as a way to connect with mother nature, and also keep myself as clear as possible. I use them for emotional and spiritual support. I read cards as a way to channel messages for myself and for others.

And one day, I may be ready to step in to mediumship.

But mostly I’m ready to honour my truth, to speak my truth.

So yes, I am witchy. I am weird and unusual and so so bright.

But we ALL are, in our own unique way.

Love, love, love

D xo

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