Machu Picchu and the Oils

My mum is constantly inspiring me.

She moved to Canada alone at 18 to experience a new life. She went back to school in her 30s once my sister and I were both in full-time school. She can throw a killer party, and she has always been supportive of mine and my sisters choices, not matter how unconventional (ummmm, I went to Colombia when I was 18 and spoke no Spanish.. and she said ‘have fun’….)

So it came as now surprise to me when my mum announced that completing Machu Picchu was on her bucket list.

She trained for MONTHS, taking day long hikes in our local green spaces to adjust to the feeling of climbing for hours.

Not only was climbing a huge task, but my mum had never travelled to a country in South America, or done any sort of backpacking before. So like any well prepared explorer, she did her research.

She learned pretty quickly that there were a few big hurdles (despite the actual climbing) with going on this adventure.

  • At some point, it was going to become hard to breath.
  • There were no real accommodations to bathe after days of long hiking, which meant sitting in your own sweat (and sweat wicking clothing) for most of the trip
  • New country = New food. And although she has an iron stomach, you really never know

Now, although Doterra is a part of my passion and business, it was really my mum who introduced me to essential oils and natural solutions. She has been making her own house cleaner, stain removers, and essential oil potions my whole life. In fact, when I had my accident, my mum was quick to make sure I had nontoxic solutions close by, such as a bag of pine needles to smell (I find the aroma very soothing) when I had insomnia from PTSD.

I digress.

SO it came as no surprise to me when my mum started asking me about which essential oils would be most helpful on her trip.

She narrowed it down to three.

  • Peppermint (Doterra) so that she could use it to help breathing, pop into hot water for tea, and pop a drop in her mouth should it start to feel dry/breath management
  • Lemon (Doterra) which GENIUS that she is, my mum used as a shower wash! She discovered that the bathing system was a bucket of water and a washcloth to wipe yourself down with. So she added a couple of drops to the water bucket and used it as an antibacterial to clean herself ANNNDD it happens to smell amazing. AND because Doterra essential oils aren’t filled with any synthetics, its non harmful to the environment once the water was dumped (honestly, this woman never ceases to amaze me)
  • Plus also it can be used as a tummy tamer tea!
  • Ginger (Doterra) to take drops of in her mouth, or in her tea, OR rub on her stomach should things start to go arie

Word on the long path to Machu Picchu is that every time she got the peppermint out the sherpa cracker a huge smile because he LOVED it. She was also the camper everyone wanted to sleep next to because she smelled amaze. AND she was the only one who didn’t have any tummy trouble while she was away.

When I talk about empowered living, about having REAL tools to help you through the tough stuff, tools that are sourced with the highest possibly ethos, and are of the highest possible quality, I’m not kidding.

It may sound silly, but having those three little bottles helped my mum feel like she could. Yes, she could breath. Yes, she could camp. Yes, she could bathe out of a bucket. Yes, she can climb any mountain, because she knew she had tools that went beyond just believing they would work- they actually did.

My mum proves to me every day that we can do anything we set our minds too. But sometimes, its nice to have some help, some comfort. These bottles continue to amaze me in just how deep the effects go.

And when I climb Machu Picchu, which I know I will, you better believe I’ll be bringing my oils with me too (and quite honestly, probably also my mum!)

What mountain are you climbing today?!

D xo

PS. If you’re curious to invite these gifts of the earth in to your life, send me an email or schedule a time to chat!

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