Top Tips for Veganism

This photo captured one of the most magical moments of my life.

If you’ve ever seen the movie Stand By Me, you’ll remember the scene where Gordie sees a deer in the woods.

For anyone who has forgotten or maybe hasn’t seen the movie (stop everything you’re doing and go watch it right now!) Here’s the quick and dirty;

Gordie has been adventuring with three of his best friends in the woods. He wakes up early in the morning, and finds a quiet place to sit all by himself and read. A deer comes out from the trees, and they have a peaceful moment holding space for each other, and then the deer runs off.

My version is a little less dramatic, but absolutely just as magical.

I was meditating, when this baby cow found its way onto the platform my classmates and I were working. Cows are sacred in India- they are not killed, or eaten. They are allowed to wander wherever they want, and it is common to be stuck in traffic because a herd is taking a stroll in the street.

You can feel the sacred energy of these animals physically- even if you don’t know this tradition. This energy of sacredness, this is how I feel about all animals. I cannot bear the thought of an animal suffering, or being neglected.

However it may come as a surprise for you to learn, that this is actually not why I became vegan.

Although I love animals, I had never once connected the dots of the animals I see in nature, and the animal that ended up on my plate.

I became vegan because I was chronically, and frustratingly sick. All.The.Time

I was in and out of doctors offices for tests from 14-18, and the best they could come up with was ‘IBS’

To be completely honest, I believe the diagnosis ‘IBS’ is a heaping pile of ‘BS’.

IBS (irritable bowl syndrome) means that your body is reacting to, or having a hard time processing substances being ingested.

The BEST they can do, is give you medication (I was prescribed Buscopan- it didn’t always work), and the worst is no help at all.

At my lowest point I would go for days without eating , because my system was inflamed from food.

After zero help from these 4 years of testing, I decided to do it myself (a pattern I can see now throughout my life).

I decided to eat a clean, vegan diet for 8 weeks and see how I felt.

I looked up recipes (Pinterest is the best! Check out my fave recipes here!)

I read books

I found supplements

I bought foods I had never worked with before, and spent time meal planning and cooking

And guess what?

It worked.

I felt HAPPY.

So, so happy. I felt strong, I felt capable.

I felt healthy.

For the first 1.5 years I was about 90% vegan. If I was in a situation where I had no other option, or I wanted to try a certain dish I would make an acception.

For the past 3.5 years I have been 100% vegan, plant based thriving.

I have learned to love cooking, because I love knowing I have agency over my health.

Bonus, being vegan is the most sustainable option for the planet as it exists today. So if cutting out your meat and cheese feels impossible on a full time basis, consider cutting down.

Down to help save the planet, but not sure where to start?!

No worries!

I’ve got my top tips for bringing plant based solutions into your life!

I’ve attached a PDF version so you can print it out and put it on your fridge!

Easily accesible = easily implementable!

Have any questions about veganism/my lifestyle?!

Shoot me an email!

Happy eating!

D xo

Pick up your PDF of my top tips HERE

Top Tips for Veganism! 

  1. Pick one meal a day, and commit to making that your daily vegan experiment

Breakfast smoothies are the EASIEST way to do this! Not sure what to put in it? Check out my jungle green smoothie recipe!

2. Pick one day of the week, and commit to making that your earth health day

Breakfast; Smoothie, nut butter on toast with hemp seeds, Overnight oats,  veggie stir fry

Lunch; Avocado smash on toast, soup, salads, grains/noodle bowls

Dinner; Veggie pastas, stew, spaghetti squash, simple  daahl, tacos, lasagna (YES! You can make this vegan)

3. Try a local vegan restaurant

Most major cities have at least a couple of good vegan options. But keep an open mind. I don’t care how close it might be, the vegan version of an omnivore treat will never taste the same. Go for something plant based, that’s not pretending to be something else.

4. Look at vegan recipes/cookbooks

You may see something in there that just tickles your fancy (or curiosity). I HIGHLY recommend Pinterest for this. All the resources are free, and you can keep them in one folder for easy recall later on.  My favourite recipes and recipe books can be found HERE

5. Know YOUR health

Check in with the stats of your last blood test. Did you have any deficiencies? If so- what were they. Chances are you are low in something on your current diet. Make sure you supplement accordingly, and pay attention to eating foods high in what you might need.

I personally supplement with Doterras Life Long Vitality pack, pre/probiotics, and B12 when needed.

6. Check in with how you’re feeling post vegan meal

We are quick to sense when we’re feeling crappy, but not as much when we’re feeling good. If you’re prone to IBS flare ups check in with how you’re feeling after a meal. If not amazing- assess what you ate, it’s information on what your body has a hard time with (for me, nuts and seeds). If you feel great, you’ve just added a risk free meal to your list!

7. Be kind to yourself- a step forward is a step forward, no matter the size.

Baby steps can lead to giant progress, especially with our bodies. When we think about how much our bodies do for us all day every day- down to the nanocells, it cannot all change in a day. However, giving ourselves time and kindness to learn and adapt is not only going to benefit you as it pertains to your diet, but also physical, mental, emotional health.


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