Happily, thrifty, after

I LOVE getting dressed up. I spend most of my days in leggings and sports bras, so I relish an opportunity to put on something fancier and do my makeup.

However, I am most definitely deep into the phase of my life where fancy events come up quicker than I can find an outfit to wear.

As much as I love dressing up, I also deeply believe in sustainability in all areas of my life- including fashion. While browsing the isles of a thrift store can be fun when you’re just looking casually, it can become a wee bit stressful when you have something particular in mind.

I have had some GOLD finds thus far in my hunting days;

Chloe wedges, a Chloe blouse, Levi’s that fit perfectly!

But none has served me as well as my little coral dress.

I bought this dress for $8 from a second hand store in Oakville. It didn’t fit my perfectly well, but it had the makings of a decent silhouette.I paid $20 to get it altered so that although it isn’t snug, it had a much cleaner line to it.

I have worn this dress to no less than FOUR weddings.


And counting.

This year I attended five weddings and one bridal shower and did not buy a single new thing.

Not one.

Now I will also say that I am very lucky to have a friend who shares many of the same physical measurements as me, so I was fortunate enough to borrow some things from her. SOO I recommend if thrifting is not your fave, go friend hunting instead to see if you can find someone with clothes you like, in the size you wear.

If you’re curious to explore what this life is like, here are some of my top tips;

  • Buy something that physically feels good on your skin, that you know you will want to wear again (no irritating fabric/tags)
  • Stay open to mixing and matching- its amazing how changing up accessories/shoes can give an outfit an entirely different vibe
  • If you love the thing that doesn’t fit quite right- get it anyway, and get it altered
  • *And get it altered immediately. Don’t let it hangout in your closet
  • How do you feel in this piece?! If even a penny less than a million bucks, don’t even bother. You’ll probably end up leaving it in your closet for a year, and then donating it back (I have done this)
  • If you know you have an event coming up, start looking for something months before, not weeks. Thrifting is exciting when you find something good, but thats not guaranteed to happen every time.

These are a few of my fave thrifting finds, and where they initially came from!

Coral Tank – Top Shop

Jean Skirt- Zara

Shoes- Call It Spring (Old, not thrifted)

Tank- H&M (Old, Not Thrifted)

Jean Shorts- Unknown

Jeans- Levi (Mile High Super Stretch Skinny)

Vest – Dynamite

Shoes – Charity shop in Scotland

  • FOR SALE! email if interested

Blazer- H&M

Shoes-(Call It Spring, not thrifted)

Shirt – H&M

Shoes- Steve Madden (not thrifted)

  • FOR SALE (email if interested

Shirt- Zara

Overalls- Hollister

Wedges- Chloe

  • FOR SALE (email if interested)

Dress- Wilfred Free

Shoes- Fluevog (gifted)

Dress- Wilfred


Dress- Rebellion

Shoes- Aldo (old, not thrifted)


Shoes- Madden Girl (old, not thrifted)

Thank you so much for making it all the way through! And just in case you started thinking I walk around looking put together all the time, this is how you can find me most days..

love, love, love

D xo

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