August New Moon Musings

I feel like the end of August always has an energy of newness. The ritual of going back to school in September makes it feel like a new year. I don’t know if its the perspective of just celebrating my birthday, my sister moving to a new province, or the celebration of a new moon, but I definitely feel like I can take a deep breath and relax.

I feel like there is so much good that has happened, and so much good to come. The more I try to hold tightly, the less room there is for things to flow. Yes I have to be an active participant in my life, and yes I have ALOT to do. But I am so so ready to let go of feeling fearful. I have come too far to only come this far.

I feel like so many good things are coming. Previously I would be a little panicky, apply for 100 jobs, and within 6 weeks feel super stressed out. I am not going to repeat that cycle this time. I’m going to give all the good stuff that’s already happening a second to breath, to catch up with one another, and then go from there.

Because really, we’re just little specs on a beautiful planet. Really, all of the stuff to feel stressed out about it sort of made up. Money is really just numbers that we trade, working is something we do to bring value to our community. And really thats what I want to do. Bring value, BE of value to my community, and to myself.

Interestingly enough, thats exactly what this new moon is about. Sharing, being vulnerable, and sexy, and excited.

I am definitely, definitely excited.


D xo

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