A quick hello

Hey! I’m Dom.

I’ve enjoyed writing my whole life, and have spend much of that time working up the courage to start a blog. There is so much I want to share, give, and create with you, that I really felt like it was about time to do this thing.

I was that kid who played games with my imaginary friends, wasn’t the most keen on getting dirty, but loved to be moving my body and creating.

I began ballet when I was about 4? That age is mostly jumping around in circles, but I loved it so much my parents kept me in for most of my childhood. I have done probably 100 Nutcracker performances throughout my career, and to this day as soon as I hear Sugar Plum music I can’t help but mentally work the choreography.

Although I dabbled with the idea of writing in University, I dropped out half way through my first year of Journalism to pursue dance.

I was a student at The School of Toronto Dance Theatre, and had every intention of graduating and find a way to make a living out of creating.

In the summer between my second and third (final) year of STDT I was in a major accident that brought an immediate halt to all of this. I was leaning against the railing of a second floor balcony, when out of nowhere it collapsed. I fell 20ft onto concrete steps below.

I used to say that this is where everything ended, but now I see it more as the beginning.

The beginning of my journey into really understanding what ‘healing’ the body can look and feel like. Of understanding my spiritual gifts. Of recognizing that life is precious. Of knowing that no matter what is happening externally, WE get to decide our fate.

I might not have been in control of what happened to me, but I sure as shit was (and am still) in charge of what my process and journey back to life could be.

This blog is a space for me to share- sometimes in detail my story. The tough stuff, and the really amazing stuff. The tools that worked for me, and the things I continue to do to thrive through life.

It’s my space to be creative, and dorky, and share 1000000 things about Harry Potter.

Mostly, its my space to have a voice, because ultimately, this is our most powerful tool, and I can’t wait to use it.

Love, love, love

D xo

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