27 things for 27

  1. I have total faith that there is a plan, and the more I can relax and be patient, the quicker that plan will work
  2. Play time, time to be creative and silly
  3. Finance is a numbers game, it doesn’t have to be emotional
  4. Family time! Make more of an effort to reach out to family everywhere
  5. Feel the fear and do it anyway
  6. Set goals, but be flexible. I am only human, and I want to make sure I put out things that are true, thoughtful, and real to me
  7. Plan trips! New Brunswick, British Colombia, and a sunny place are on my to go list this year!
  8. Feel okay with saying no to things.
  9. BUT, don’t say no just because somethings hard (I’m looking at you half marathon)
  10. Launch an etsy with all my fave thrifting finds
  11. Share more of the malas I love to make (because honestly, making them allows me to feel so calm)
  12. Sign up for singing lessons!
  13. MASSIVE clear out of extra ‘stuff’, as if preparing to move into a tiny home (omg omg I actually would love to live in one)
  14. Set business goals, and a plan to reach them
  15. Hire a part time employee to help with everything
  16. Look into trainings; 300 YTT, Yoga Nidra, Restorative, Yoga Philosophy, Sound work, rehabilitation… LAWD there’s so many I would love to take
  17. Explore little adventures around the city
  18. Watch more foreign film (totally open to suggestions)
  19. Sign up for dance classes (you got this)
  20. Launch my podcast! “The Big H” has been brewing for SO LONG, I’m so ready to get that puppy going
  21. Continue with self care practices; therapy, movement, massage, facials, scheduling
  22. Keep planning date time- there is always enough money for a date, there is always enough time
  23. Check out some of the local comedy nights!
  24. Look into some volunteering options (animals ideally!)
  25. Keep building a toxic free lifestyle
  26. Keep making time for friends, maybe plan a girls trip?!

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