10 Things You Should Know About Me


I’m so happy to see you again 🙂

So I figured it would be way more fun to get to know each other with 10 things to know about me! That way you can decide whether we should keep this friendship going (spoiler, obvi we should), and I can do something I love ie. lists. Which brings me to point number one..

  1. I LOVE making lists

I literally have notebooks full of different lists. Lists of things I want to buy, lists of places I want to go, lists of restaurants I want to eat at. Of books to read, things to write about.. heck, maybe I’ll do a whole post on my favourite lists to make (LOL I’m a virgo, I love being organized)

2. I love Harry Potter.

Like deeply, to the pit of my soul/end of the earth kind of love. I believe in magic. There, I said it. I love fantasy, and the idea that there is so much more to people, and to the world than we can see. I love the idea that at any minute I may unlock a special talent that will gain me access it a higher level of being. I also had a big crush on Ron Weasley, so there’s that.

3. I love to travel

I’m a dual citizen of Canada and England, and because of that I’ve travelled back and forth, and lived between the two my whole life. When I was 18 I decided to go to Bogota, Colombia, and from there fell in love with exploring new countries and cultures. I believe in responsible travel, and really do try to do my best to positively impact the communities I visit.

4. I’m an aggressive sleep talker

I don’t think we’ll be having any sleepovers any time soon, but just in case I thought it would be kind to give you a heads up. I am a V aggressive sleep talker. I will talk to you as if I’m wide awake. I will talk to you as if you are the person in my dream. I will take you through an entire pilates class (muscle awareness included)! Honestly, I’m a dream to sleep with.

5. I am a certified pilates/yoga/barre/roll model method instructor

Having a dance background made the transition into teaching really enjoyable. I always thought I would teach yoga first as that is my longest practice, but I actually became certified in Pilates Mat/Reformer a good 3 years before yoga. I love being able to facilitate space for people to move their bodies. I was very lucky to work in rehabilitation for a while, and that’s something I SUPER enjoy. I know what it feels like when your body isn’t doing the thing you want it to. Or the feeling of being in constant pain. I love being able to hold space, and be of service to anyone trying to make good choices to take care of themselves and create positivity in their life.

6. I had/have a brain injury.

I’m not quite sure if I’m still considered to have an injury, but I definitely still have the affects of it. Part of the host of injuries I had after a freak accident was smashing my forehead open.. all the way to the bone.

The nurse who stitched my head back together did an amazing job, and I have had a procedure on it since, so the scarring really isn’t that bad. I did have a solid 3 years of PTSD and symptoms of brain injury, and I remember how scary/out of control that time felt. I did a TON of work personally to work through that trauma, and I am SO happy to say it IS possible to live a life on the other side.

7. Unicorns

I honestly don’t know how or when unicorns became such a big part of my life, but they have.. and I’m not upset about it

8. Therapy

I am such a big believer in therapy. I believe there are so many ways to experience therapy beyond the traditional doctor-in-chair scenario, and whatever that is for you, do it. Talk therapy, movement therapy, art therapy, singing therapy, EMDR, horse back riding, working out. Whatever it is that makes sense for you it will always, always be worth it.

9. I talk.. a lot.

It is literally my job to talk to people for hours straight. I always have a lot to say, and often I forget to breath. I talk pretty quickly, and actively have to remind myself to slow down. I used to be pretty self conscious of being a ‘chatter box’. I pretty much always say what pops into my head, and do my best to use my voice to help encourage empowerment. Sometimes I’m sarcastic though, and sassy, definitely sassy.

10. I feel super open, and super closed at the same time

I feel an incredible impulse to be super open about some really intense moments in my life. Maybe it’s because the modality of writing feels so homey to me, or maybe its because its just time for it to come out. But as open, and loud and vulnerable as I can be, I can be really selfconscious and self critical. I’m hoping to get better at breathing through this part of myself, so I can continue sharing vulnerably.

What do you think?! Friends 4 Ever now?!

I hope so,

See you soon!

D xo

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