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Hi! I’m Dom! Movement facilitator, blog writer, and podcast host. Embodied Alchemy was my way of describing my recovery process after a major accident & having autonomy in my movement practices. It has quickly grown in to a beautiful community of dreamers and movers, who believe in each other, and most of all themselves!


Monthly Movement Membership;

↬ 4 classes / week (Mon,Tues,Thurs,Fri – 12pm est)

↬ Pilates/Yoga/Barre/Mobility/Meditation

↬ Live classes & a library for unlimited access

↬ Sliding scale for your convenience

↬ Simple movement that builds with you!

The Embodied Alchemy Blog

A space for everything from my deepest fears, to my favourite recipes. I share my journey from full time athlete, to full time recovery, to the life I’ve created now. Often humorous, always truthful.

The Embodied Alchemy Podcast

When I was in the thick of recovery I found it inspiring to learn about athletes who had also been knocked down and got up again. Through my journey I have met some incredible people. They have lived through some really tough experiences and used them as a catalyst for something beautiful. I created this space as a platform to share their stories, in the hopes that the something special in them resonates with the something special within you.

I am privileged to be able to build and grow on the sacred lands in Halton.

Halton, as we know it today, is rich in the history and modern traditions of many First Nations and the Métis. From the lands of the Anishinabe to the Attawandaron, the Haudenosaunee, and the Métis, these lands surrounding the Great Lakes are steeped in Indigenous history. As we gather today on these treaty lands, we are in solidarity with our Indigenous brothers and sisters to honour and respect the four directions, lands, waters, plants, animals and ancestors that walked before us, and all of the wonderful elements of creation that exist.

We acknowledge and thank the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation for being stewards of this traditional territory.